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DARWISH SONS is one of the leading producers of industrial plastic packaging with about 200 employees and approximated revenue of 50 million pounds while pumping annual investments about 1.5 million pounds on new technical automated machines beside providing training to our team. 
We produce HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS plastic products. Our production capacity for the previous injection mold products are volume production per year 1 liter 5 million - 0.5 liter 5 million - 0.25 liter 5 million.

Our aim and policy

At DARWISH SONS, we believe that team work is the key to success; and along with our customers we have a strong bond and communication to maintain our quality among market competitors while maintaining a friendly spirit. 
At DARWISH SONS, every customer is a golden customer. We offer all customers full support, the initial design idea, all the way to delivering the product to the consumer.


who are we?

DARWISH SONS was founded in 1966 to successfully start producing industrial tins and plastic packaging. We serve several markets including petrochemicals, industrial chemicals, food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
In 10 years, DARWISH SONS was known as one of the leading companies in Egypt in the plastic packaging industry. As the market was growing DARWISH SONS responded to the market growth demand and was ready for the next move.
In 1979, DARWISH SONS Plastic Containers was established in New Borg El Arab City over 7000 square meters including warehouses and a head office. With the installation of new high-speed blow molding machines and injection molding machines complete with high technical production lines, DARWISH SONS remains on the top from day one by meeting customers’ individual requirements while offering the highest quality standards.


Type of jerrycan

Output Produced jerrycans delivered

to our customers
1 litre Over 2 million jerrycans – 4/5/6 litres Over 4.5 million jerrycans - 16 litres Over 1.2 million jerrycans - 20 litres Over 1.8 million jerrycans - 25 litres Over 300 thousand jerrycans.

Our production rates

According to the latest sales records of 2015, we can state that DARWISH SONS has practically produced more than 4300 tons of HDPE material last year, ranging from 1 liter to 25 liters. 
Generally, we have produced and delivered over 10 million jerrycans to our customers divided as shown:

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